Miniature Skin Deformation Actuator Array

This project was done in association with the Stanford Collaborative Haptics in Robotics and Medicine (CHARM) Lab. In an effort to create compelling touch cues an array of miniature skin deformation actuators was developed. Each tactor in this array was developed with 3 degrees of freedom to allow it to independently make and break contact with the skin and then stretch the skin in any direction. The creation of a large array of these miniature tactors has opened up novel basic science tests on skin deformation haptics.

Title:Miniature Skin Deformation Actuator Array
LocationCalifornia, USA

EEG-Guided Virtual Reality Experience

In association with daisy* inc in Tokyo, Japan, we developed and created a VR experience that would use EEG feedback from a user to help guide a user to a state of relaxation. This project investigated the relationship between visual stimuli and human reactions recorded with EEG. These studies were extended to create a an EEG controlled VR system currently patented in Japan.